About Dr. Tony Brooks Author, Army Ranger, Leave No Man Behind


About Dr. Tony Brooks



Welcome to the personal journey of Dr. Tony, a renowned chiropractor licensed in Texas, specializing in dietary guidance, exercise regimes, and chiropractic adjustments to enhance overall health. At home, he is a loving husband, a dedicated father to his two children, and a proud pet parent to his dog, RANGER, residing comfortably in Montgomery County.

Born and raised in Roseville, CA, in the heart of Sacramento Valley, Tony's path was anything but ordinary. As a student, he distinguished himself in academics and athletics, until a basketball injury in his sophomore year challenged him with an ACL tear. With determination, Tony aggressively pursued rehabilitation, achieving full recovery before graduating high school.

Tony then ventured to the University of Arizona in Tucson. His college journey was marked profoundly by the events of September 2001, a day that would forever change his perspective and drive him towards serving a cause bigger than himself. Inspired by the movie 'Black Hawk Down', stories of Rangers, and the courageous decision of Pat Tillman - an NFL player who enlisted as an Army Ranger post 9/11 - Tony was set on a new path.

In 2003, Tony himself enlisted as an infantryman with the option to become a Ranger. With a year to prepare for basic training, this marked the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

Driven by a passion to empower others through education and inspiration, Tony finds satisfaction in providing common-sense solutions to health and wellness issues. His focus remains on improving the health of veterans and fellow Americans.

Whether it's a business aiming to invigorate its culture or an individual motivated to transform their lifestyle, Tony approaches each challenge strategically, with the end goal in mind. He firmly believes that without a clear vision of the destination, the journey becomes obscured, and reaching one's goals becomes a daunting task.

Considered a game changer, Tony does not walk the beaten path; instead, he forges his path based on logic and leads others along the way. His guiding principle, 'LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND,' was solidified during a deployment with the Second Ranger Battalion in 2005, during which he participated in a dangerous rescue operation in Afghanistan. The mission: to recover the downed Chinook helicopter, Turbine 33, and The Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell. It was a clear testament to his belief in leaving no man behind.

Dr. Tony's journey has been a remarkable testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of empowering others. If you're looking for an engaging, direct, and passionate speaker who can 'Lead the Way!' at your next event, consider Dr. Tony. He's ready to share his compelling journey and inspire change within your organization.